My Favourite Van Life Accessories

My bamboo travel mug is one of my most used accessories in the van.

It’s super versatile and great for the road. And it’s cheerful to look at.

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Van + coffee = a match made in heaven.

If you too love your morning coffee, get a sturdy French press or an Italian coffee maker.

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To stay warm and fuzzy in your van, pack a cosy blanket.

Wool throws, monotone or colourful, are such a lovely and useful addition to any van conversion.

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My van life wouldn’t be the same without my Kindle reader.

Luckily, I have access to almost any book I want to read, instantly.

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Van Life Gadgets for Working Online

MacBook Pro is my main laptop for working and blogging.

I find it especially useful for editing photos. I also love how light it is.

Great for travelling.

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A 4G wireless router is a necessary investment for working online in a van conversion.

Although compact, this industrial router is robust enough to withstand long hours of activity.

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To boost the wifi signal, I use a WiFi booster that sits on the roof of the van.

Again, it’s easy to install and helps strengthen a weak signal.

It’s super useful when wild camping.

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Blogging Apps & Resources

SmugMug - A Cosy Home for Your Photos

As well as a cosy home for my photos, SmugMug is great for blogging. How?

To save space on my blog, I grab the HTML code of the image I want to use and paste it into my blog post. Easy.

Get it today and grab your 20% discount.

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SiteGround - Fast & Secure Web Hosting

These guys host my site. They are super-efficient when it comes to issues with

Plus, they are cost-effective.

I only recommend them based on my personal experience.

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Tailwind is a nifty marketing tool for bloggers. I use it to schedule my Pinterest pins, drive traffic to my website and measure results.

Not cheap if you are just starting out. But it’s worth the money in terms of time + hassle savings.

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My Photography Accessories

I love my Canon. It’s sturdy and reliable.

I like my Canon even better combined with the 50mm lens.

The combination pushes me to get out of my comfort zone and get creative with close-ups.

If you’ve never done manual shooting, it’s the ideal gadget for a newbie.

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This tiny mirrorless gadget is a miracle maker.

Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 is 100% one of the most powerful pocket cameras I’ve ever owned.

It’s great for use in public places when you don’t want to attract any attention.

It looks like an ordinary camera but shoots like a pro.

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If you want to have fun with your camera, swap your basic lens for this little beauty.

Considering the price, the quality of this lens is astonishing.

It takes smooth portraits and beautiful sunset and sunrise photos.

I especially love shooting with it in low light.

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This basic tripod was a quick purchase for a trip, but it worked so well, I never upgraded.

It’s very compact and fits easily into a day bag so you can carry it with you all day.

In return, it will provide you with steady and clean shots, especially in low light.

A great camera accessory.

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My Favourite Van Life Gear

If you love your stretches, this yoga mat is lovely.

It’s soft but firm enough to use on a hard surface.

And it folds nicely into a fairly slim roll.

I love using it for my quick morning routines in a van.

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These tights were made for van life.

They are so comfy. And they have pockets too.

Amazing for hikes, exercise or lazying around. They wash well and dry fast.

A must-have van life item.

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This waterproof Reggatta jacket is a lovely addition to the van life wardrobe.

It’s lightweight and stylish with lots of nice details. Looks great with jeans.

Perfect for early autumn, late spring and summer in Scotland, I may add.

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Osprey bags are a must-have item for walks, hikes and travel.

They are of high quality and super comfortable. And look very stylish too.

I’ve had one for years and absoluteley love it. Highly recommend.

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This jumper is so soft, comfortable and affordable. And it’s very flattering too, looks great with jeans or tights.

Plus, it washes well and dries quickly.

One of my favourite vanlife items.

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These shoes look so stylish and I had many compliments when wearing them.

They are soft and comfortable and perfectly suitable for exploring.

One thing to beware of is the sizing. Go a size up.

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These colourful socks will brighten up your day.

You can’t live in a van and not have a pair of good quality hiking socks. These are breathable, comfy, soft and help prevent blisters.

And they are perfect for those rainy evenings in your van.

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Scarves make any outfit look more elegant, don’t they?

Even when you are wearing trainers. And they keep you warm and cosy.

Besides, they don’t take up any space in the van.

That’s why I have so many.

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Van Life Skincare & Beauty

In my former life, I used to make my own natural skincare. And Argan oil has always been one of the favourites.

It’s highly nourishing, doesn’t leave a greasy residue and is suitable for all skin types.

I use it as a night moisturiser but also love applying it after a scrub. One drop is more than enough to soften and moisturise the skin.

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This Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish kit works extremely well for van life. All you need is the kit and a bowl of hot water.

The eucalyptus and rosemary oils included in the formula promote healthy skin while cocoa butter nourishes it. The two muslin cloths help to achieve the perfect van life skincare routine.

Minimal effort, maximum results.

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L’Occitane is such a luxury skincare brand. But it’s also super effective.

Enriched with Shea butter, it works wonders for the skin. You only need a dab to relieve your skin of any dryness, instantly.

Their hand creams are gorgeous too because they have such a high (25%) concentration of Shea butter. Ideal Christmas stocking filler.

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This face scrub is creamy and intensely cleansing at the same time. But not too harsh.

It’s enriched with fine peach and apricot kernel stones for exfoliating purposes making it good for your skin and the environment.

Also, they use more Aloe Vera leaf juice than pure water (it comes first on the ingredients list), making it slightly more nourishing.

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Muslin washcloths are perfect for van life skincare routine.

They are reusable and great for the hot cloth skin cleansing technique.

Massage your face skin with oil (eg., sweet almond) first and then wash it off with a hot muslin washcloth. Repeat. Works on waterproof makeup too.

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I don’t wear much makeup, but I love my mascaras.

And I’ve recently discovered this NYX Doll Eye mascara.

It’s very subtle and not too wet.

And most importantly – it doesn’t smudge. Big bonus.

Very affordable too.

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When it comes to makeup, an eye pencil is my must-have item after mascara.

And this one, Barry M Kohl Pencil No.1 is an excellent product.

It’s affordable, long-lasting and soft to use.

A nice addition to your makeup collection.

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If you love colourful nail polish, you’ve got to try these.

I used to love my OPI nail polishes for their ever-lasting properties.

But recently I discovered Ciaté London Gelology products.

They have some spectacular colours suitable for any season or occasion. 

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