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vanlifegirl.com is all about living in a van. Travelling in a van. Working in a van. And more.

Whether you are already living in a van or thinking about life on the road, I hope that vanlifegirl.com will inspire you and you’ll find here something that you love and can relate.

I too had doubts before this yet another crazy adventure in my life. What’s it gonna be like? Is it safe? What do we need to do and buy before we hit the road? I had so many questions.

That’s why I’m creating a library of resources based on my personal experiences. And I hope that these resources will help you find what you are looking for. Whether it’s a reassurance, practical advice, answers to your questions, or van life accessories.


Find out what it’s like to live in a van full time and how I sustain my life on the road.

Sneak peek into my wardrobe too.

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Find tried and tested gear for life on the road.

From van accessories, blogging apps and techy gadgets to my fave van life skincare items.

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Browse the mus-thaves I wish we had before we hit the road.

Plus, van life kitchen, bedroom and bathroom essentials for comfortable living.

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Are you living, working and travelling in a van/RV/campervan?

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White van conversion parked in front of the Cullin Mountain ridge on the Isle of Sky, Scotland

“Custard Cream”, the van conversion

“Custard Cream”, the van conversion was built from scratch, back in the spring of 2019.

Before we bought the van, Charlie and I lived in sunny Malta where we both worked as copywriters.

But, while bathing in the (sometimes unbearable) sunshine, we were dreaming of a different life. A life filled with more travels and more adventure. A van life.

From the minute we decided that this is what we wanted to do, we started saving. It took us a few months to save up the cash we needed to buy a van and do the conversion.

And so we said our goodbyes and moved back to the UK to make the van life happen.

We named it “Custard Cream”, because of the inside colours of the van, white and yellow. Plus, Charlie loves his custard creams, so it felt fitting at the time.

Why van life?

The answer is simple. We love to travel.

So we decided to travel around Europe first. As a test drive, we set our eyes on the Scottish highlands. A place I’ve always dreamt of exploring. And I can tell you now, there is no better way to explore the Highlands than in a van.

As we keep moving forward, we keep learning more and more about the tiny living. It’s not always easy or glamorous. But it can be quite magical when you get it right.

Being able to explore and visit places that are off the radar for many travellers, always feels like a reward for all the effort. And it feels so good not having to carry a heavy backpack with you all the time.